Hello, My name is Wilma Bourdeau.

In 1973 I discovered the unique pleasure of painting ceramics. It's so wonderful to find out that you have the talent and the skills to create amazing things just from clay... from nothing.
After I created some of my "masterpieces" I took them to my work place and showed them to my fellow employees. They were very impressed so I decided to prepare and finish pieces that I can sell them for reasonable prices. So... this is how the business was born.
Soon after getting married to my husband Steve we moved into a house with a large garage which I started to fill up with ceramics. Because there was enough space I invited friends and family over to paint

Here we are today on Horton street in London continuing to create, enhance and to help other people discover the beauty of this magic hobby. This is how it was for me at the beginning too, and you what they say: your best job is your hobby... I made ceramics to be my life's job.
I am happy every time one of my clients or students succeed in finishing a piece they are proud of.